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Man Poses As Punjabi Singer, Uses Cancer Patient's Phone To Upload Nude Photos Of His Lover!

By: Harloveen | June 18, 2017

Damn these girls nowadays! Jma ee dimag khrab aa kudiyan da vaise...

Aa suno ki hoya..

A Jalandhar based 20 year old end stage cancer patient was arrested by Mumbai police earlier this week after his friend allegedly used his phone to threaten and extort money from a woman in the city using social media.

Though the police did not seek custody owing to his condition but the incident in itself is shocking. The victim had approached the Sahar police earlier this year, saying a man had threatened and extorted Rs13,000 from her by posing as a well-known Punjabi singer on Instagram.

She elaborated further by saying that she had fallen in love with him and the two began to have intimate chats. A few months later, the accused asked for her nude pictures and threatened to send their chats to her family if she disagreed. 

Scared, Rekha(victim) sent him the pictures and later the man extorted Rs 13,000 from her. When she realised that his demands were growing, she approached her mother for help. (Eh ehnu pehla hee krlena chahida si)

Her mother contacted a social worker who telephoned the man but got abused by him. The accused knew the victim's social media username and password and soon after the incident uploaded three pictures of her to her account.

The woman and the social worker rushed to the police for action and when they traced the number of the phone used by the imposter they found it belonged to the Jalandhar based cancer patient.

He told the police during interrogation that he remixes songs and that his friend, the alleged con man, told him he would sell his songs to the Punjabi singer to fund his treatment.

This is the excuse he used to take his phone for a few days. The police said he used it not only to extort money from the woman but also transfer Rs 19,000 from the patient’s account to his. He then told his friend that he had misplaced his phone and to register a complaint with the police.

The patient, whose identity the police haven’t revealed, was served a notice a few months ago and told to visit Sahar police station. Though he was undergoing treatment, he managed to travel to Mumbai with his father earlier this week, upon which the police arrested him.

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