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Satinder Sartaaj's Romantic Side In 'Channa' Will Make You Fall In Love With Him Instantly!

By: Raman | June 17, 2017

We all have heard his songs and his voice takes us into an altogether different zone but have you ever seen Satinder Sartaaj's romantic side??

This freshly released track from the much awaited Hollywood flick 'The Black Prince' is the first song from the film and after hearing Sartaaj's melodious voice, we instantly fell in love with his lover boy side. The song shows Duleep Singh's marital alliance with Bamba Muller, an illegitimate girl living in a Cairo missionary.

See the song before I tell you more about their love story:

'Channa has been musically done by Partners In Rhyme and has been penned by Sartaaj himself. 

On his return from Bombay Duleep passed through Cairo and visited the missionaries there on 10 February 1864. He visited again a few days later and was taken around the girls' school, where he first met Bamba Müller, who was an instructor. She was the only girl there who had committed herself to a Christian life. On each visit Duleep made presents to the mission of several hundreds of pounds.

Duleep Singh wrote to the teachers at the missionary school at the end of the month in the hope that they would recommend a wife for him as he was to live in Britain and he wanted a Christian wife of Eastern origin. Queen Victoria had told Duleep that he should marry an Indian princess who had been educated in England, but he desired a girl with less sophistication. The final proposal had to be done via an intermediary as Duleep did not speak Arabic, Müller's only language. The missionaries discussed this proposal with Müller. She was unsure whether to accept the proposal offered via the missionaries. Her first ambition was to rise to teach children in a missionary school. Her father was consulted but he left the choice to his daughter. Müller eventually made her decision after praying for guidance. She decided that the marriage was God's call for her to widen her ambitions. Singh made a substantial contribution of one thousand pounds to the school and married Müller on 7 June 1864 in the British Consulate in Alexandria, Egypt. The ceremony was described as brief, with few witnesses. Both of them wore European dress apart from Duleep, who wore a turban. The Prince made his vows in English, whilst Bamba spoke in Arabic.

The couple had three sons and three daughters whom they brought up at Elveden Hall in Suffolk, England. Victor and Frederick both joined the British Army whilst Frederick became a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London. One of her daughters, Bamba Sophia Jindan, returned to Lahore as the wife of a Dr Sutherland. She was known as Princess Bamba Sutherland. The other two daughters were named Catherine and Sophia.

 The Black Prince is the story about Maharaj Duleep Singh, the last Sikh ruler. Directed by Kavi Raz, this film is all set to hit the theatres on July 21rst and stars Satinder Sartaaj and Shabana Azmi in pivotal roles. 

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