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Need To Stop Making Regressive Content On TV: Vishal Karwal

By: IANS | June 17, 2017

Television actor Vishal Karwal feels that content on the small screen is "very regressive" and that it's the actors and makers who have ruined it.

"I find it very regressive. I think we guys including myself have ruined television to an extent that it's going to take time to get the viewers back. When I was small I used to watch TV and seen shows like 'Malgudi Days', 'Tara', 'Saans' or 'Banegi apni baat'...Those shows were so progressive," Vishal told IANS here.

The actor says regressive content should be stopped so that better content can come up.

"We keep on blaming it on the audience that 'people want to watch such shows', but we need to stop making such shows to come up with better content," he added.

Vishal ventured into the small screen with his stint in reality shows like "Roadies" and "Splitsvilla". He credits it for his career now.

"Of course I do (credit my stint in reality shows). I started off with 'Roadies' and after that I did 'Splitsvilla'....When I first came to Bombay I was required to be here for three months...I came here and won 'Splitsvilla' season one and then I got offered another show and things just happened. I think this is my 13th TV show...I am not a trained actor. So I think I was destined to be here,"

He feels reality shows help in getting noticed.

"They have made many seasons of 'Roadies' and 'Splitsvilla' so if you count the contestants there would be more than 500. So I think out of 500 only a few are actively working. They do help otherwise I wouldn't have been in Bombay. But after that you have to work and perform. But yeah, they do help you a lot in the beginning," he said.

Vishal will now be seen playing Lord Vishnu in the upcoming TV show "Paramavatar Shree Krishna".

This is not the first time he will be starring in a mythological show. He has previously played Lord Krishna and says it is not easy to play God on screen.

"I have played Krishna twice before and this is the first time I am playing Lord Vishnu...It's not a safe bet. When you play God it is extremely difficult to convince people that you are God," Vishal said.

He added that playing a fictional role is very easy.

"You can improvise there," Vishal said.

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