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I Had Never Dreamt Of Being A Singer But Always Used To Say "Ik Din Jatt Apna Gaana Kadhuga'!

By: Prakriti | June 19, 2017

We keep hearing singers say that they have been working religiously to achieve their dreams and have strived hard to be where they are today but seldom do we find celebs who openly confess that it was luck by chance!

Dilpreet Dhillon is one truthful artist who has the gutts to blurt out the truth and that's what got us head over heels about him. He confessed that it was a tukka that his debut song became such a hit. Dilpreet is honest and definitely not ashamed to tell  the world about his past and his journey from stepping into the industry to becoming a popular Punjabi artist. 

This Punjabi singer has already marked his debut in Punjabi films but we doubt whether that's his forte, which is why we though of asking his take on it. Once Upon A Time In Amritsar and now The Great Sardaar, Dilpreet has played the main lead in them both but both the films have not impressed the audiences much. 

We had an exclusive interaction  with the singer turned actor Dilpreet Dhillon and here is what he had to says about his journey till date, his background and the reason of choosing such offbeat movies:

Dilpreet what did you do before becoming a singer?

I was a truck driver in New Zealand. After finishing my  12th grade in India, I flew off to New Zealand for my Business Management  Diploma .While studying, I used to work as a truck driver and whatever I earned was used up in my daily needs and study expenses.

Did you ever dream to be a singer?

I never had an aim to be a singer but I always used to say, ”Ik din Jatt apna gana kaduga". I used to hum songs and was highly inspired by late Surjit Bindrakhia and Late Kulwinder Dhillon's work.


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I loved their songs and always wanted to sing. What caught my attention during the younger days was how Kulwinder Dhillon used Dhillon in his songs and after him no one ever did that, but I promised myself that once I sing I am going to use Dhillon in my songs for sure.

You’be been criticized for the choice of songs you sing. It is said that you promote a lot of gundagardi and guns .What is your take on it?

I would just say that a songs or a singer can’t really influence people to become violent or use ammunition, because those who are already using guns aren't really looking for an inspiration through songs.

I am a singer and I look at the commercial angle when I sing. Nor can songs influence anyone neither can they change anyone. Besides those kinda songs, I even sing the clean ones, what about those?

The choice of movies that you've made so far isn't very appropriate, be it OUATIA or the one whose trailer came lately Great Sardaar. Why such movies?

I always wanted to be different from the crowd. Choosing Once upon a time in Amritsar was because amongst the numerous scripts I received I found this one to be meaningful and different. I wanted to take the risk and work on this one but the product didn’t come out as per my expectations.

Talking about Great Sardaar, I would say that I shot for the movie 3 years ago. The movie got delayed and the producer thought of releasing it now but timeas have changed and the audience doesn’t really accept obsolete movies. I know the fate of the movie but let's just hope that it manages to recover atleast a  little share of the producer’s money.

 Do you think that such movies could have a negative effect on your career?

One or two movies won’t decide my fate. I am growing with time. People love my songs because they have seen the real singer in me and soon they would see me doing better movies and that is when they will accept me as an actor.

What other movies are you doing?

Right now, I am concentrating on my songs and have numerous scripts in hand. Soon, I will be short listing the ones I find really interesting and have promised myself - no more decisions in haste. I would take time and wait for the right opportunity but just watch out for me in the coming days because I'll surely come on screen once again and this time I'll definitely impress my fans.

What are your expectations from Great Sardaar and what was the reason for it's delay?

I know the movie is obsolete as we shot for it nearly 3 years back. I just want that my songs in the movie should do well. For me, if my fans love my songs then I'd be satisfied.

The major reason for delay has been inexperience.

These days everyone wants to be a producer and without having any idea about this field step into it. Soon the producer feels burdened by the budgets and that's when projects stand delayed. The same happened with this movie. I want Great Sardaar to release because the producer has put in money and he should get whatever returns he can from his project. I wouldn’t wish bad for a man who has paid me my bit and has done his share of efforts.

If not a singer, then what would you be doing at present?

I would surely be a truck driver! ( Laughs)

What is the difference between Dilpreet who has been a commoner and Dilpreet who is now a celebrity ?

The difference is in the eyes of the people. People look at me in a different way. Earlier I was one of them and now I stand apart because of my talent. But if you ask me, I am the same guy.

I have seen good and bad days both and want to stay grounded like I was before. You’d see me walking in a mall or sitting in a restaurant like a commoner because I like that life. I don’t want this star life to get on my head because if it does it will take a lot from me. I like myself and my friends & family like me for being the raw, jolly guy I am and I want to stay the same.

Tell us about your family. How supportive are they with regards to your work?

I have my father, tayaji, tayiji, grandmother, elder and younger brother and sister-in-law in my family. Earlier my family wasn’t very supportive about this profession because they thought I was just wasting my time and money but now things have changed.

Now they are quite proud of me and equally supportive. I would like to mention that my elder brother was the one who had faith in me and my talent and always wanted me to pursue my singing career. I am really grateful to him.

Who's your current favourite in terms of singing?

Currently I am a fan of Diljit Dosanjh and Gippy Grewal. I love the way Gippy Bhaji sings, much like my own singing style.

If you'd want to work in a movie which has already been made, which one would it be?

I would love to work in Gippy Bhaji’s Faraar. It is a wonderful movie and I loved it to the core.

Which one of the recent girls is your favourite actress whom you'd want to work with?

I really like Sonam Bajwa and Simi Chahal. They both are doing great and I would love to work with either of them.

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