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Lionel Richie Doesn't Track His Daughters

By: IANS | June 10, 2017

Singer-songwriter Lionel Richie says he doesn't track his children.

The 67-year-old singer's daughter Sofia took to Twitter last month to claim that he keeps a tab on her activities through phone. In fact, Nicole Richie has on multiple occasions accused him of spying on them.

The singer asserts that he doesn't need to go looking for information on where they are or what they are doing, reports

He said: "Would I track my kids? Do you think I would be one of those guys? I keep trying to tell them. I don't track. I don't understand.

"Nicole thought I had investigators following her around. I keep trying to tell my kids the same thing: 'I own Chicago. I own Miami. I have been around the world. So when you go through the airport, I have friends. You cannot sneak into a club. I own that club. So they think they are sneaky. So I get a phone call, ‘Hey, just want to let you know Sofia just walked in.' I mean, did I call him? No. I'm not tracking."

Lionel believes in letting his children do their own thing.

"At this point now, some things are too much information. There are some things you don't want to know. Kids have to be kids. At some point, you have to let them go do their thing," he said.

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