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Trailer Review : Great Sardaar's Trailer Isn't Great At All!

By: Prakriti | June 8, 2017

We finally see the Gulaab singer Dilpreet Dhillon in the main lead after OUATIA, which didn't do well at the box office. Dilpreet was last seen in the joyful Manje Bistre where he just gave a guest appearance. When the trailer of 'Great Sardaar' started, I was pretty impressed by the strong voiceover by Gurdas Maan ji and was really positive about what I would see in the next couple of minutes but then what I saw was a dreaded dose of confusion and my expectations fell flat on the face.

Great Sardaar‘s trailer has nothing great in it . The movie is surely about political rivalry and reckless killings. Everyone is doing what they are seen doing since years. Veteran actor Yograj Singh, with his heavy voice and built, killing the evil, Ashish Duggal, the cunning guy, Nirmal Rishi, the mother who would give a heart breaking performance, I see these three actors as the three pillars of the movie but the fourth pillar is surely missing!

Dilpreet’s entry in the trailer is like a bombshell but doesn’t impress us a bit. His dialogue delivery and expressions can easily go unnoticed. The movie lacks a lot, even the technicality of the trailer didn’t seem to impress me. Literally the trailer is so raw that anything just starts happening and the  connectivity is just not there. A serious introduction of two lead character’s and we didn’t really know who is the” Yodha” out of them, and suddenly they show a romantic track shot on the bridge and the woods. Then again the evil scenes start to roll.

The voice over of the trailer was so promising that I really thought that this movie would show something meaningful and moving, but OOPS! My expectations were just too much.

May be in the era where we are watching movies like Manje Bistre, Lahoriye and others, we expect movies to match that level because good Punjabi cinema is setting a benchmark for others. This movie seems to take me a couple of years behind and I can’t expect myself to buy a ticket for this movie and watch it.

The movie Great Sardaar is directed by Ranjeet Bal. We would see Dilpreet Dhillon, Roshni Sahota, Amarinder Billing, Yograj Singh, Nimral Rishi, Ashish Duggal, Teji Sandhu, Dheeraj Kumarin the movie that is set to hit the theatres on 30 June 2017.

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