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Kirsten Dunst Unimpressed By Spider-Man Reboots

By: IANS | June 1, 2017

Actress Kirsten Dunst is not impressed with all the reboots of Spider-Man, and says filmmakers are "milking" the franchise for money.

Asked for her opinion on the Spider-Man reboot, she said they made the best ones, reports

Dunst said: "We made the best ones, so who cares? I'm like, ‘You make it all you want'. They're just milking that cow for money. It's so obvious. You know what I mean?"

Dunst played Mary Jane Watson opposite Tobey Maguire in director Sam Raimi's 2002 to 2007 trilogy of films about the superhero.

The series was rebooted in 2012 with Andrew Garfield taking over for two films. English actor Tom Holland will now be seen as the superhero in the newest version "Spider-Man: Homecoming". The Sony Pictures Entertainment film will release in India on July 7.

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