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Essence Of What I Was Saying, Completely Lost: Parineeti

By: IANS | May 31, 2017

Actress Parineeti Chopra says her statement about her family not having enough money during her childhood has been misconstrued due to which the essence of what she was trying to convey got lost.

During an event with actor Akshay Kumar on May 21, Parineeti shared her childhood struggles saying that her family was poor and could not afford a car for her to go to the school. Thus, she used to ride a cycle to school every day and became a victim of eve-teasing.

However, Parineeti's statement was slammed on social media by a few of her "schoolmates" who claimed that the actress was "lying".

"Hi everyone. I think what I said at a martial arts event a few days ago has been misconstrued in some places, so I would like to take a moment and clarify what I meant," Parineeti tweeted on Tuesday.

She said when she was studying in Ambala, she and her brothers didn't have access to a car and driver to take them to school. So, the boys took the bus and she rode a bicycle.

Her father followed close behind to ensure she reached school safely.

"My dad did have a car that he used for his office work but we kids did not use it for school travel. As a child, I hated going on a cycle, but today I understand that he was doing it to make me independent and keep me safe."

She said somehow the entire episode got "misconstrued, about something very irrelevant about me having a car or not."

"I was talking about using a car and driver to go to school that's all. The essence of what and why I was giving that example was completely lost."

"I am proud to be present at a time that girls are becoming stronger with training in martial arts. If I had had such an opportunity back then, I know I would have felt much more confident."

She said she chose to respond a little late as she was out of India.

"I would request everyone concerned to please not let menial things like this take precedence over what I was actually trying to say, about women's safety and the challenges that we girls face while growing up," she said.

After the event took place, a former classmate of Parineeti from her school slammed the actor by saying that her story is a lie.

He posted on his Facebook account: "Parineeti Chopra shame...coming from a privileged background and lying through the teeth in front of the camera. I guess this is what being a celebrity means. Create a fabricated sob story of no money no car.

"Coming from the same school I probably also remember the car her father used to have. And going to school on a cycle was a trend those days and also a privilege not everyone had. My friends from CJM (Convent of Jesus and Mary) would probably understand the lies a bit better," he added.

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