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Bella Thorne Feels 'Used' By Disick

By: IANS | May 29, 2017

Actress Bella Thorne feels "used" and "humiliated" by reality TV star Scott Disick after he was spotted getting cosy with several other women here, says a source.

According to the source, Thorne, 19, feels used after being fooled into thinking that Disick, 34, wanted a serious relationship, reports

Thorne, who flew out with Disick and shared a sun lounger with him on the first day of the 70th Cannes Film Festival last week, got furious after seeing images of Disick getting close to his former girlfriend Chloe Bartoli, the source said.

Disick, meanwhile, has been seen getting close to a lot of women including British blogger Maggie Petrova, with whom he cuddled and caressed in a pool, and his another former girlfriend Ella Ross.

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