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Was Never Desperate To Get Success In Cinema: Parvin Dabas

By: IANS | May 24, 2017

Actor Parvin Dabas, who will soon be seen in a psychological thriller "Mirror Game: Ab Khel Shuru", says though he has worked with different directors and explored various genres of film, he is not aggressive about chasing success in mainstream cinema as he is quite content with his work.

From Mira Nair to Karan Johar, Parvin has worked with celebrated filmmakers of both the genres -- indie and Bollywood.

Asked why he is not as visible as other actors, Parvin told IANS here: "I am not aggressive by nature and I never planned my career. I wanted to act, but I was never desperate to get success in cinema."

"Therefore, though I enjoy typical commercial Bollywood films, my indie films are more successful and I never pushed myself too much to get more work in the mainstream. However, I am a passionate actor."

Since the filmmaking styles of Mira Nair's "Monsoon Wedding" and Karan Johar's "My Name Is Khan" are very different, sharing his experience, Parvin said: "With Mira, the shooting style was very indie and that had a different energy. We are well-rehearsed before the take, we do not have much time to waste, it's fast while shooting."

"Karan is different. As an actor, I was pampered. No one will push you too much on how fast to finish shooting... There was a sense of indulgence. I liked that too."

Having started a career as a model which happened by chance, Parvin said, "One has to be physically fit and confident to be a model. My career was not a progression from modelling to acting, as I did an acting course and theatre already before entering modelling. And I was acting in ad films. So in a way, I was living the dream of an actor."

Parvin went to New York to study acting and he believes the formal training helped him to understand a lot about the craft, especially how to create and build a character on screen.

In "Mirror Game...", he plays a professor.

Giving etails, Parvin said: "It is an interesting character where the film starts with the character of a professor going through professional and personal tussles in life where his wife is involved in an extra-marital affair. That changes the equation in their relation."

"On the other hand, he plays the game of chase with his student, and how a series of real life incidents start mirroring in the chase game, sets the flow of the story."

Directed by Vijit Sharma, the film is releasing on June 2.

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