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What If We Told You That Binnu Dhillon's Bambukat Role Was Originally Written For Someone Else!

By: Prakriti | May 29, 2017

Now this is what will surely startle you!

Bambukat, the movie which won hearts and almost all the awards has a hidden secret that not many know about. A source close to the team told me that the role which showered fame on Binnu Dhillon was actually written for another actor.


Yes, the role which Binnu Dhillon played in Bambukat was actually written for Gurpreet Ghuggi. It definitely doesn't mean that it couldn't have been done by any other actor but was originally to be played by Ghuggi and what if he would have taken up up the offer??

ummmm...I think even he would have excelled it because of his witty and spontaneous way of acting.

Here's another piece of information for you..

The movie was originally written for Taranvir Jagpal , the director who debuted in the industry with Rabb Da Radio. The producers weren’t willing to work with a debutante director but because they loved the script, they hired Pankaj Batra as the director of this movie.

Bambukat surely was Pankaj’s best movie till date!!

The writer of Bambukat didn't succeed in giving Bambukat to his friend Taranvir so he wrote another masterpiece for him in the form of Rabb Da Radio. This one was only to fulfill a promise that he had made to his friend.

Isn’t it strange and a little magical how things always happen for the good! Binnu Dhillon’s role was appreciated everywhere, Pankaj got a Filmfare trophy because of Bambukat and also Taranvir’s debut movie became a hit.

Nature surely has it's own ways.

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