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Unicef Chief Hails Roger Moore As 'Champion For Children

By: IANS | May 24, 2017

 British actor and United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) ambassador Roger Moore, whose death was announced on Tuesday, "was one of the great champions for children", said the organisation's Executive Director Anthony Lake.

"With the passing of Sir Roger Moore, the world has lost one of its great champions for children -- and the entire Unicef family has lost a great friend," Xinhua news agency quoted Lake as saying.

In his most famous roles as an actor, Roger was the epitome of cool sophistication; but in his work as a Unicef ambassador, he was a passionate and highly persuasive advocate for children, Lake said.

"He once said it was up to all of us to give children a more peaceful future. Together with Lady Kristina, he worked very hard to do so."

Moore, best known for his movie role as James Bond, died of cancer at the age of 89 in Switzerland, where he lived.








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