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Role In 'Born Free' Got Me Excited: Mukti Mohan

By: IANS | May 20, 2017

Actress Mukti Mohan, who is seen in "Born Free", says her role in the short film is what prompted her to join the project.

"Vanya (character) is how everyone wants to be, but doesn't have the guts to. And that got me excited. She is a sorted, happy individual who will ensure life will not pass her by! An absolute contrast to Samarth (essayd by Sumeet Vyas) she is high on life. Basically, she is her own prince charming," Mukti told IANS.

"Born Free" is a feel-good tale about how inspiration drawn from unexpected circumstances that could help you realise the importance of finding your true calling and following your dreams.

The short film features Samarth, a corporate professional who is busy making his way up the corporate ladder. He sets ambitious plans for himself and things seem to fall in place with the launch of a product that he has been working on.

Through the course of this launch, he meets Vanya, a free-spirited blogger who is busy living life on her own terms. Vanya helps Samarth get in touch with his true self, his ambition, his passions that will make him not only successful but also extremely happy.

"Born Free" can be viewed on YouTube channel Ultra Shorts.

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