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Psst: Don't Tell Harish Verma That We've Leaked Out His Secrets To You!

By: Gurleen | May 15, 2017

Harish Verma, the chocolatey actor of Punjabi cinema, who is as soft spoken as a well behaved teenager, will soon be seen in two back to back films - Thug Life and Krazzy Tabbar. 

Once while talking to him, we came across some inside facts that he shared with us and now that we can't hold it any longer, we are blurting these secrets out to you, but please don't chaabi lgao him, kithe naraaz hee na ho jave munda ke aah sab kyon dstaa yaaaaar :-P

Here are the 5 long kept secrets out Harish Verma, we bet you had no clue about:

1)He wanted to be a pilot

Harish was also like us, a confused teenager. Initially he dreamt of being a pilot and soon after he wanted to serve in the navy. But ultimately he landed up in a call centre on the profile of a customer care executive. 

2)He used to open bank accounts

Before becoming an actor, Harish  worked in HDFC Bank (Mumbai) as a  surveyor, who opens current and savings accounts. This was in the year 2006. After nearly 2 and a half months, he was to get his appointment letter but he refused to accept it because his boss spoke badly with him and he left the job at that very moment. 

3) He is big time introvert

If you ever get a chance to talk to him, you'll realise that he is a very shy kind of an individual. Not only does he talk less, he also makes sure he doesn't speak frankly enough for anyone to misunderstand him. This is also a reason why he doesn't joke around too much because he fears blurting out something as a joke which might hurt the other person's sentiments.

4)He is a highly sensitive soul

There is a variety of people in the world who land themselves in trouble just to get others out of it and Harish is one such guy. He is very emotional and highly sensitive to people's problems. Many a times this actor has gotten himself into a fix for trying to resolve people's problems. He even confessed that people has taken advantage of his emotional side but he's still learning how to deal with such humans.

5)He once travelled from Mumbai To Punjab with his face covered 

He is notorious for sure and this incident proves just that. Once, in a funny mode, this actor decided to have a moment with four of his friends. He, along with them, got on a train which was routed to Punjab from Mumbai. Harish covered his face so that no one recognises him and had the time of his life while onboard.

A theatre actor, Harish boasts that his theatre days were the best times of his life no matter how much he got scolded for being in this field. He also said that he really learnt a lot while shooting for the TV serial - Na Ana Is Desh Laado, "shooting de oh tin saal..aaah!", he sighed.

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