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Hailey Baldwin Uses Face Cream Made From Blood

By: IANS | May 15, 2017

 Model Hailey Baldwin has revealed that she uses a face cream made from her own blood.

The 20-year-old met a dermatologist, who took blood from her arm and had it filtered through a special machine, before adding it to a custom product, reports

"I use a lotion from one dermatologist, who came and took blood from my arm," Baldwin told Look magazine.

"It was spun in this machine that separated the blood cells, then they created a cream just for me. I feel like that is pretty peculiar," she added.

Asked what she would do if she woke up with a spot the day before a show, Baldwin said: "I'm so psycho about my skin. First, I'd freak out, like, 'Did that really happen?' I take good care of my skin, so it doesn't usually happen. I have medicines from dermatologists I can use, but you have to be patient."

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