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DeGeneres Doesn't Want Caitlyn On Her Talk Show

By: Raman | May 10, 2017

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has reportedly banned reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner from her show after a series of public spats over gay marriage.

The most recent round of their feud started in the pages of Caitlyn's new book "The Secrets of My Life", where the 67-year-old reality TV star blamed DeGeneres for "alienating" her from the LGBTQ community.

Caitlyn claimed DeGeneres twisted her comments about gay marriage to create a shocking TV moment in 2015.

"Ellen does not want to ever have Caitlyn back on the show. She could not believe that Caitlyn took time to write about her in the book," a source told

"That is fine with Cait, because she has no desire to go back on after what Ellen did to her last time! In fact, she said she thinks that Kris put Ellen up to it, because of the fact that they are really close friends and Caitlyn had recently just left Kris when it happened.

"Caitlyn really believes that Kris put Ellen up to the line of questioning that she went for in the interview. She was just defending herself against the whole situation in the book because she felt she never had the chance to," the source added.

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