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Adnan Sami Finds Judging People A 'Futile Exercise'

By: Maddy | May 8, 2017

Singer Adnan Sami feels there are many reasons to be happy and that judging people is just a "futile exercise".

"Everyone has been blessed with a talent from God. It's our responsibility to nurture and pursue it with persistence and have faith that we will achieve. Sit down and count your blessings," he tweeted on Sunday. 

"Start from being able to breathe and then keep counting every tiny blessing. You will find many reasons to be happy. Don't engage in futile exercise of judging people. Only God knows their heart. Remember that you too will be judged by God.

"Worry about yourself," added the singer who has been often judged for his weight issues or choosing to be an Indian despite having roots in Pakistan.

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