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SmurfStorm Is Girl Power-Oriented Just Like Me: Rodriguez

By: Gurleen | April 11, 2017

Actress Michelle Rodriguez says she is "fiery and feisty" and girl power-oriented like her character SmurfStorm.
In the forthcoming animated film "Smurfs - The Lost Village", the "Girlfight" star has voiced the role of SmurfStorm.

Talking about the role, she said in a statement: "SmurfStorm is a handful. She's fierce and totally protective of her fellow Smurfs, her team. They're her family. She'll do whatever it takes to take care of them."

Rodriguez says she's like her character in more ways than one.

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"I'm kind of fiery and feisty, just like SmurfStorm. We're both pretty girl power-oriented. So yeah, there might be some typecasting there, but then I'm also very connected to my friends and protective of them. So in that way, SmurfStorm is just like me."

Directed by Kelly Asbury, "Smurfs: The Lost Village" also features the voices of Demi Lovato, Joe Manganiello, Ariel Winter and Julia Roberts among others.

Sony Pictures Entertainment India's "Smurfs: The Lost Village" is set to release on April 21.

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