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“I Am Super Loaded With Work Right Now And I'm Loving It.” - Yuvraj Hans

By: Prakriti | April 10, 2017

Juniour Hans is coming back to the silver screen after a long gap of one and a half years. Lahoriye and Chajju da Chuabara are his two big releases this year. Having said that we have been seeing this actor pretty caught up between shoots and also, he leaves no chance to run to the studio for a practice session.

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Blessed with a melodious voice, Yuvraj is one charming stunner who's personality stands out as much as his voice.

Talking to GhaintPunjab, Yuvraj opened up about the long gap between his projects and also about him bagging two back to back movies.

We asked him all all this and also how he feels about's what he said:

“The gap was simply because I didn’t get good work. There were lame scripts coming to me which I declined at once. This was because I couldn’t do anything because of dearth of work but I always wanted to do something meaningful and something with which I can live up to the expectations of my audience. In that phase I was busy in my Riyaaz sessions."

Talking about Lahoriye, he said, "I feel great that I have these two amazing projects in my hand. Lahoriye is a project by Amberdeep Paaji who has an art of making good cinema. For Lahoriye, Amrinder Gill Pajji, whom I idolize, called me himself. I blindly trusted Amrinder Paaji the moment he told me about the project and without getting into the nitty gritties I said yes. I am glad that I said yes back then because now when I am done with the shoot I feel great as Lahoriye is an amazing movie."

Lahoriye kept me busy for two and a half months and just after a few days my shoot for Chaaju da Chaubara started for which Director Manbhavan and Producer Raman called me. On hearing the concept there were good vibes that struck me and I instantly said yes.

On asking him about his upcoming tracks he revealed, "Eight of my songs are ready and I have to shoot their video. I plan to do them once the shooting is done."

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“I am super loaded with work right now and I am loving it.”

He plans to give out these eight tracks as singles and later put them under one album. Wishing the young actor all the best!

We are excited to see him in both the movies.

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