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Here's An Exclusive Chit Chat With The Bhalwan Singh Debutante Navpreet Banga!

By: Prakriti | April 8, 2017

Yet another Canadian girl makes her entry into Punjabi film industry and she's not just anyone, she's the girl who had made everyone go gaga over her stark resemblance to Priyanka Chopra. She is Navpreet Banga!

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Navpreet Banga is the lead face opposite Ranjit Bawa in the upcoming Punjabi flick Bhalwan Singh, the shoot of which is currently underway. Before entering Pollywood, Navpreet already had her share of followers and not in hundreds but thousands!

She already has 135k followers of her Instagram and many subscribers on her YouTube channel.

A 22 year old Vancouver-based fitness vlogger Navpreet Banga, is also known by her Instagram handle browngirllifts.

Though her resemblance with Priyanka Chopra made her very popular but will she be able to capture the hearts of Punjabi audiences with her acting??

Let's find out from Navpreet herself and yeah don't forget that it's only GhaintPunjab that has brought for you an exclusive interview with this debutante Punjabi actress!

Surprisingly, Navpreet, who has thousands of followers, is originally from our very own city Chandigarh. When she was in fifth standard she shifted to Canada with her parents. Everybody in the family has an engineering background but this creative girl had much more spark and zeal to do something different. With her family support and optimistic attitude she made it big and finally she has entered the industry as an actress with Bhalwan Singh.

How did you bag the lead role in Bhalwan Singh?

The producers were finding a fresh face for their movie. They came across my Vlogs and connected me. They saw a bit of my acting skills and my command over Punjabi language through my YouTube videos and hence they selected me for the role.

Tell us about your role in Bhalwan Singh?

The name of my role is “Veero” in the movie. A girl from the village who doesn’t care about what people think.

She is bold, expressive and opinionated. Once the movie releases “Veero” would be someone everybody will look up to, a source of inspiration for many girls.

Punjabi movies don’t provide strong roles for actresses. Are you sure that Veero would be different from what we have been seeing?

I am surely not doing a movie for the sake of it!

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I wanted to do something different and strong. I never wanted them to just see my pretty face but I wanted to do something more which could inspire people, change their thinking and Veero's one such role.

After being a popular Vlogger, was becoming an actor, a planned move?

Yeah! I always wanted to be an actor. Often people used to ask me in my Vlogs that do you want to act and I told them yes I want to be an actor, but Bhalwan Singh just happened by chance.

You already have a strong fan base before entering the industry, do you think that will help?

Surely. My fan base is my family. They have been following me. They know that from where I have come and now that I am entering movies, my followers will be watching it just because they have been supporting me since so long and they want to watch on the big screen too.

How did you become a fitness Vlogger?

One thing in which I strongly believe in is 'Love Yourself"!

Self-love is very important and one way of doing it is to keep oneself fit and healthy. I started fitness Vlogs by this motive that people should get encouraged and should start living a healthy life. Other than a healthy body I also stress upon having a healthy mindset. Mental health is also something which I promote. Other than my videos I often go to schools and give lectures about mental and physical health.

After Pollywood, what next? Do you have Bollywood on your cards?

Surely, I always wanted to be an actor. I totally want to make it big and reach Bollywood but for now I am enjoying and relishing the work I have got in Pollywood. My efforts and my focus are on Bhalwan Singh.

Is your family supportive about you being an actor?

Yes, of course!

They are very supportive about what I do. They are proud of me and that is what gives me strength to do better and better.

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Will you be dubbing for your character yourself?

Yes, I would do my own dubbing. Though, I am a Canadian brought up girl but I talk in Punjabi when I have to talk to my family. We all converse in Punjabi at home.

Do you watch Punjabi movies, which is the last Punjabi movie you loved?

I love watching Punjabi movies; the last one that I relished was Love Punjab.

Which is that one actor you would love to work with?

Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me who is my co-star because when I sign a movie my focus would be on what kind of role is offered to me.

Have do you see your contemporaries? What do have to say about them?

I have watched Simi Chahal’s work and I really like what she is doing. I am happy for everyone who is doing well for themselves.

Wishing her all the best for her project, we packed our bags for the next one!

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