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Jet Airways Pilot Shouts "You Bloody Indian" & Mocks Jatinder Shah For His Disability!

By: Gurleen | April 7, 2017

Award winning Bollywood and Pollywood Music Director Jatinder Shah was racially abused and mocked on Flight 9W469 of Jet Airways,  on 3rd of April whilst travelling from Chandigarh to Mumbai. It was only when he was on his way back  after receiving two Filmfare music awards.

Jatinder Shah was ridiculed by an irate racist pilot who created a scene in front of hundreds of boarded passengers. The reason, Shah was waiting for his wheelchair!

We all are well aware of the fact that Jatinder Shah uses a customised, battery operated wheelchair and that's exactly what he was waiting for, so as to get to the airplane but during this time the pilot stormed out of the cockpit and hurled abuses at Shah and his friend accompanying him.

The pilot shouted "You Bloody Indian" and mocked Jatinder Shah for his disability whilst  condemning them for delaying the flight.

Pooja Gujral a well known Bollywood Marketer, explained the situation to the pilot but to her horror the pilot went on to physically touch her and push her!

He went on to shout and scream at them both and called them abusive names, demanding them to leave the flight even beside knowing the fact that Jatinder Shah could not leave without his customised wheel chair. A Police complaint was lodged on 4th of April at Sahar International Airport police station.

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Jatinder Shah, who has made some of the biggest music hits and has worked with the biggest of artists from Punjabi industry and Bollywood, was deeply hurt by this episode.

Pooja stated that we both are still deeply sad and angered. She said, "As an avid traveller, I am shocked at the behaviour of this pilot. The pilot assaulted me even after I protested against his abuse and even after complaining on phone, hand written complain plus mail there has been no response from Jet airways so far."

An official letter of complaint has been sent to Jet Airways.

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