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Exclusive Story : Creative Agency Thirsty Fish To Venture Into Punjabi Films!

By: Prakriti | March 30, 2017

Thirsty fish has changed the face of Punjabi posters since the day it stepped into creative designing, that is nearly 7 years ago.

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From Punjab 1984 to Naughty Jatts the posters are eye catching yet impressive.

But what may take you by surprise is that the owner of Thirsty Fish, Aadeeb Shaikh is himself venturing into Film Direction and the first look of his movie will be out by this year's Vaisakhi.

aadeeb shaikh

Talking to him, we discovered that his debut directorial will be uniquely different from the ongoing trend of Punjabi films.

"The movie is for the children but adults would enjoy it too. It’s not a rom-com or a period movie but something which would be loved by children," said Aadeeb.

But we were a little more inquisitive and the question which confused us was that is he leaving the poster making business??

He replied, "We are doing very well in the poster line but we always had an “itch” to make a movie and to satisfy that itch we are making one. We have been in the Punjabi industry since 7 years and we thought that now we know the inside out of this industry so the time is right to make a movie ourself."

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The Director of the movie is Aadeeb Shaikh, DOP is Anirudh Garbyal, writer is Prince KJ Singh, Dheeraj Padiyar is the Associate Director and the music is given by Caralisa Monteiro & Gurmoh. The shooting shall happen in Kalanaur, Punjab.

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