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Rabb Da Radio Review : A Film That Transmitted Just The Right Frequency!

By: Gurleen | April 1, 2017

Rabb Da Radio is a romantic family drama based in the early 70s or 80s. The story shifts focus from one family to the other and sometimes to the freshly brewing romance between a young girl named Guddi and Manjinder, a handsome looking sardaarji from another village. Directors Harry Bhatti and Tarnvir Singh Jagpal mine this incredible story to create a film that is unassuming, inspiring and sweet without being cloyingly sentimental.

Simi Chahal plays Guddi, a rural Punjabi girl who is fun loving and full of life. She has 2 real sisters and 2 cousin brothers. Though a joint family, she along with her parents and sisters stays in a house that is partitioned , thanks to her Tayiji. Guddi is shown to very fond of her brothers and loves them with all her heart but she doesn't get any value in return because both the brothers never dare to utter a word against their mother's will. Guddi is someone we've already seen in Bambukat and Sarvann, but in Rabb Da Radio, she yet again impresses us with her innocence and emotional turmoils. (Though I'd want her to tone down that smile..I mean you don't have to smile the big way everytime!)

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Tarsem Jassar plays Manjinder, a handsome, young turbaned sardaarji who hails from another village but belongs to a family that is economically much better than Guddi's. His father (Shivendra Mahal) is shown to be a man with practical mindset who wants to marry his son to a girl who has a fair character than outer beauty. Manjinder falls for Guddi and things go smoothly till Naseeb Kaur steps in. Debutante actor Tarsem Jassar has quite a good tryst with camera, being his first ever movie. Though we couldn't see him doing much in the film but that's where he's played smart and done only that much which stays with the audience once they leave the theatre and saves him from judgement with respect to his acting.

Mandy Takhar plays Naseeb Kaur, a character that has been planted very well in the film. She, being a fatherless child, grows up being pampered by her chachaji. She gets married to Guddi's cousin brother but besides being warned to refrain from intermingling with Guddi and her family, does so in the absence of her husband and in-laws. Naseeb Kaur happens to be a door di rishtedar of Manjinder who wants to woo Guddi for marriage. Things take a turn when Naseeb goes against her conscience and ultimately stands up for what is right. Mandy has skinned her character pretty well. Though some might relate it to Ardaas but this movie has a lot more to offer than just a pretty Mandy, though her pretty face also has a significance in the film.

The child actors and the locales root the film and give it authenticity.

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The Direction is pretty well done and the background score gels well with the screenplay. Film's music is diverse and gives the audience a qualitative variety of soundtracks. The title justifies itself completely with the dialogue that says, "Eh dil ta rabb da radio aa, eh kadey galt signal nahi farhda."

A special mention of Nirmal Rishi, Anita Devgn, Seema Kaushal and Naseeb Kaur's husband has to be made here for performing brilliantly.

Overall, a beautifully projected family drama that kept us entertained throughout but as a woman when I walked out of the theatre, I felt much more stronger!

Rabb Da Radio Rating : 4/5 (****)

This Sunday should be utilized well by watching Rabb Da Radio with your family, else you'll be losing out on a very good Punjabi film.

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