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This New Hair Fashion Is Painting P-Town 'Red' And We're Liking The Change

By: Prakriti | March 27, 2017

Thanks to Jazzy B, we've seen a lot of wacky hair styles in Punjabi songs but off lately this latest hair fashion has painted a lot of Punjabi celebs 'RED' and we're wondering who's next to follow the trend.

(Raat Jashan Di Sensation Jasmine Sandlas Makes Her Tollywood Debut!)

Red hair was first noticed when Jasmine Sandlas came up with a collaboration 'Laddu' and soon after that we saw many Punjabis falling for the red streak.

Though only Jasmine has the guts to carry the full red head look!

We recently saw Kaur B with red hair at the PTC Music Awards 2017. Though we're not sure how the hair looks but we're happy that she did some experiment with her looks.

Other than her, we saw Jazzy B with red hair and not just red he had many shades in nearly all his pictures. Sometimes he chose to go white, and the others he went for some wacky hair shades. He even went to the extent of getting a tiger imprint on his scalp!

Punjabi model Himanshi Khurana changes her looks quite often and this time she went in for a red shade.

The red look suits Jasmine and she often wears reflectors to team it up with her swag and trust us , she looks super swaggy.

It great to see that Punjabi industry is going the fashionable way but here's a word of advice - Experiments are nice but bright bold experiments don't suit everyone so choose wisely and look good.

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