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In 2017, Jindua Emerges As The Biggest Punjabi Box Office Opener!

By: Maddy | March 20, 2017

What happens when producers invest in projects that are completely against the league??

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Sometimes they become a HIT and open the avenue for other film makers to take a chance.

The overseas weekend box office report for Jindua is below :

Evident from data in the table above, Jindua is managing a more than average business in the overseas market which is a good sign for the 'out of the league' films.

What's more positive is that this film has been shot entirely in Canada and is being received by the Punjabi audiences very well. Another film which was on similar lines was Jimmy's Hero Naam Yaad Rakhi.

Why is it positive?

Well..because seeing the current trend of desi Punjabi films out of which major portion is of period films, Jindua was a complete contrast. It was fresh, light hearted, no nonsense, family entertainer (though the F word was when parents were covering the ears of their kids) with a feel good factor for those who were bored of seeing the same stuff over and over again on the big screen.

In India, the film saw a weak opening and when we questioned this from the director of the movie Navaniat Singh, he confessed, "We were ready for this since Day 1 because we weren't into the pattern of getting into the traditional films. When you're doing something against the tide then one needs to be prepared for such a consequence but that's where the confidence in one's product lies. We are happy that even though it is a slow starter but a bigger opener than the releases in 2017."

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He further added that if a film that is a risk taker stands so strongly at the box office then it is a win win situation for all those in the industry who wish to invest their time, energy and money into something that is different, and not only us.

Jindua has definitely opened a new window for the modern age film makers and we're happy that the trend is changing.

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