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Apache Indian Releases A New Album 'In Ja' And It's Purely Reggae!

By: Maddy | March 21, 2017

If you wish to know what the saying 'age is just a number' means then take a look at our very own Indie reggae king Apache Indian, whose songs have dominated our 90's and we've all learnt his songs and rap by heart (though palle nai penda si kuj).

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At the age of 50, this singer, song writer has released a new album titled 'In Ja' but he doesn't want to dilute it with any Punjabi or Hindi fusions so it is a pure reggae dose of music.

While talking to Asianage, Apache said, "This time around I decided to make original reggae because I wanted to have some fun with my music — now that I am a known name, there is really little risk in pursuing this. It took five years to complete this album. While I wrote the lyrics to some of the songs in the album, my friends have made a contribution as well. With In Ja, I want to target the new generation.”

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Born to Punjabi parents and raised in Birmingham, Steven Kapur, better known as Apache Indian, says that his first tryst with the genre of reggae came when his Jamaican nanny sang songs to him.

“Ja is the short form for Jamaica,” he says.

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