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Jindua Review : Get Ready To Relive The 90's Punjabi Film Romance

By: Gurleen | March 19, 2017

Haaaaah! What a cute onscreen couple these two make...Sargun and Jimmy's pairing is so fresh and I'd definitely love to see more of their movies together.

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I've just watched Jindua starring Jimmy Sheirgill, Sargun Mehta, Neeru Bajwa, Rajiv Thakur and Duffy aka Dabbu. A Navaniat Singh directorial, Jindua is written by Dheeraj Rattan.

The title seemed a little inappropriate for the movie when my brain tried to relate it to complete package but chalo koina I'll settle down with the fact that it was the song jiste ehnane naam rkhleya.

This film is the story of a man named Karma (Jimmy Sheirgill) who is an illegal immigrant in Canada and is working as a daily wager to survive and save for his family back in Punjab. He has a friend (Rajiv Thakur) whom he's very pally with but who lands in the detention centre and stays there till the day he is deported back to India.

After his detention, his dog Duffy aka Dabbu's leash gets into the hands of Karma and that's when the story takes a romantic angle.

A lock out incidence gets Sagi (Sargun Mehta) and Karma together and they ultimately become companions and a streak of romance starts showing in their frames. With songs, blushes and sweet talks, these two emerge as the cutest onscreen couple in the Punjabi industry, in the ongoing phase. I think Sargun and Jimmy's innocent dialogue delivery and expressive yet shy smiles make them a perfect onscreen combo worth loving.

On the other hand, another character named Eesh (Neeru Bajwa) gets introduced to the audiences. Eesh is a typical Punjabi Canadian girl who disrespects her parents and wants to live the western life. She is shown to be an aspiring singer who has a band. An eye opening deception gets her dimag in place and finally she calms down and starts loving her family and off course Karma..who is the good guy jo sab theek krda hai (unintentionally).

Not disclosing any more details about the movie, let me tell you that though it kinda felt that there was a little too much talking in the first 20 minutes but it didn't bore me for a single second.

(Amidst A Crowd Of Period Films Jindua Is The Only Modern Day Love Triangle!)

Everything kept going at a decent pace and finally when the interval arrived, I and my popcorn companion were nodding our heads ke yaar sahi lag rhi aa movie ta! (oh reaction hunda na bul je kadhke akhan kachriyan krke soch ke boln wala..han han ohiii)

So the movie got me thinking at some points like how did Karma know the show size of that kid who was to meet him at the peace bridge?? (Phone ta kat ditta si dost ne ohde!)

The most pestersome thing in the movie was Neeru's overdone make up. She probably got a little too carried away by the rockstar image of hers which made her look too made up..rather Botoxed (don't mind please). The only scene where I liked her was when she wakes up and sips coffee sitting and chatting with Karma about the guitar and other stuff. She looked beautiful and the Neeru we love.

Jindua though is an intertwined tale of love but I'll say that it is a Jimmy-Sargun movie because they emerge as the drool worthy couple who can make anyone fall in love with them.

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Sargun has impressed me with her acting skills and I must say that she's come a long way after Love Punjab. Though I'd advise her to get a better make up artist for her next but she's definitely going a long way with those perfectly timed tears and expressions.

Jimmy made me relive the magic of his movies that got released in the 90s. He still is as young and handsome and I'd so want to see him doing more such films. No unwanted comedy, no extra actors to carry the baggage of a weak script and a perfect screenplay and direction make Jindua a movie worth watching.

Jindua Rating - 3.5/5

You should watch this movie if you're looking for a good modern day Punjabi style romance and off course a reason to crave for kadi chawal.

One dialogue that gave me giggles was 'Kacha plus kacha equals to Dhakka' lol well written!

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