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This Punjabi Producer Was Seen Holding A Unique Placard At Denver Airport!

By: Raman | March 18, 2017

USA is currently going thorough an uneasy phase especially those who are from non American ethnicity. With Donald Trump's Presidential win, many races are living on the edge, even though they are American citizens.

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Intolerance has suddenly increased and we're seeing a lot of racist attacks making headlines.

Very recently one of our Punjabi film Producers, Sumeet Singh Manchanda, was seen holding a placard at the Denver airport which said "Denver Welcomes Refugees"!

He was accompanied by others with similar placards which had quotes like 'Refugees Are Not Terrorists', 'No Muslim Ban', and many others.

Sumeet shared a status on social media saying, "The creation is in the creator and the creator is in the creation"- I stand for mankind!

Do you?"

Aren't we glad that this guy is one of those few Punjabi entrepreneurs who is trying to make a difference with this little effort of his!

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We surely stand by him in this effort for promting unity and oneness...

Do You?

Sumeet Singh Manchanda is the producer of Punjabi films like Tiger, Needhi Singh, Saadey CM Saab beside others and is also running a very successful Music Label - Saga Hits. He is also the owner of a digital giant named Unisys Info solutions.

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