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Why Is Mandy Takhar Missing Out From Rabb Da Radio Conference??

By: Neena | March 14, 2017

Mandy Takhar has been working hard on her first 2017 release and we've been following her posts about Rabb Da Radio regularly. But today we witnessed that this actress wasn't present at the first ever press conference of this movie beside the fact that the other starcast was all happy and vibrant behind the mics.

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Is the murmur in the industry true??

We've heard that Mandy isn't pretty happy about her screen time in the trailer and was also annoyed over the fact that she was introduced in the trailer much later..after half of it was already through!

A source close to her revealed that the story of Rabb Da Radio revolves around Mandy's character in the movie but deserving weightage has not been given to her in the trailer. Rather than the story, the entire focus has been shifted towards the debut actor Tarsem Jassar and his dialogues. Even the love story between Jassar and Simi Chahal's character has been given a higher value than the actual subject of the movie, which is majorly portrayed by Mandy's Takhar.

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Well..this isn't the first time that such a thing has happened but we strongly believe that Mandy deserves to share the stage with the starcast as much as any one else..what say??

Hun ho eh vi sakda ke kal nu agli aake sahnu kahe ke ji I was doing something else that time te tusi kha ma kha! (Lols bhenji saada ta farz aa information pohonchana..baki sahi ya galat eh ta time hee dsu)


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