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This Artwork Shows The Realistic Picture Of Hate Crime Against Sikhs!

By: Prakriti | March 13, 2017

InkQuistive, the guy who's artwork has created a lot of buzz worldwide, shared a picture which clearly depicts the hat crime against Sikhs across the globe.

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It is heartbreaking to see how each day there is a new case of crime against Sikhs. Mistaken identities have lead to a lot of our turbaned men being shot at, abused and told to leave the country.

Amandeep Singh, a man who has the ability to showcase reality through art has showcased the ugly picture of this intolerance in his artwork and we couldn't help but weep after seeing it.

InkQuistive made this picture after the recent case of  a US Sikh man who was shot after being asked to go back to his country.

The caption says “stop thinking it's acceptable. Another sikh man shot in hate crime.
America isn’t feeling like the land of the free anymore; it feels more like the land of fear.

Rightly showing how after the 9/11 attacks Americans targeted Sikhs .

There are now groups formed in America to stop Hate Crime against Sikhs and the police is also alert after the recent incident.

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Another artwork by Inkquisitive, which was equally appreciable was the one in which he had summarized Gurdas Maan’s 7 minute song Punjab:



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