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You'll Be Shocked To Know That Captain Amrinder Will Take Oath As A BJP Leader!

By: Team | March 13, 2017

For all those who're thinking what this news means then let us tell you that we've got a udti khabariya from a source (pta ni sach bolda ke jhooth) ke Captain sahb will take oath as the CM of Punjab but not as a Congress leader but a BJP leader.

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Captain Amrinder Singh will be taking his oath as CM of Punjab on 16th March and from what we've heard, the 60 MLAs from Congress party have now shifted to BJP, therefore, this will be the first ever time that BJP will be ruling Punjab individually.

Three BJP MLAs have also been elected which gives BJP a majority of 63 MLAs in the Punjab assembly. There was a need for 59 legislators in the 117-member assembly.

Navjot Singh Sidhu has played the main role in bringing Captain to BJP. Sources have revealed that Sidhu was sent from BJP to Congress for this special mission. Two-thirds of the legislators are required for defection in a party under anti-defamation law. Since Congress has won 77 MLAs from Punjab, at least 52 were needed for the legislators. Captain managed to bring 60 MLAs along with him. Only 17 MLAs have kept their faith in the Congress party.

Captain was initially hesitant, but Sidhu comforted him and gave him Bhajan Lal's example, of what he had done in Haryana in the year 1980 when Janata Party was ruling Haryana and Bhajan Lal was the Chief Minister. When Indira Gandhi returned to power in the center, Bhajan Lal's plan changed and he joined Congress in Haryana with all the MLAs of Janata Party.

Seeing Captain's hesitation, his talk was made by the BJP high command in Delhi. From there, there was an assurance that Captain's wife Praneeth Kaur and son Raninder Singh would also be administered the oath of office in the center.

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All this was on but suddenly the source laughed and said..veere je eda hogya ta kina vdiya hou na!

Dur fite muh!

(Oopsi bura na mano holi hai)

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