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Oh Yes! That Is Bhangra And That Too On The International NBA Stage!

By: Gurleen | March 9, 2017

Bhangra has undoubtedly made it's way into many new places all over the world and not just Punjabis but diverse communities have been seen dancing to the upbeat Punjabi songs.

(Canadian Mayor Curtis Did The Funniest Bhangra After His Turban Tying Lesson!)

The latest place where we could see some amazing Bhangra moves was on the official NBA stage!


Check out this video:

As Bollywood/India night continues to be celebrated around the league, the Bhangra Dance troupe 'Top Naach' did some high intensity Bhangra moves during the half time of the game.

Aren't we proud of our folk dance..

(Manje Bistre's Trailer Just Made My Day! Whatta A Genius Plantation Of Characters!)

Damn yes we are..buraaaaaaaaah!

The video has already gathered more than one lac views on Facebook.

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