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Rabb Da Radio Trailer Review : Debutante Promoting Anti Social Activities?

By: Prakriti | March 9, 2017

Rabb da Radio, the name is unique and we were excited to watch the trailer and see what the movie is based on.

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Director Taranvir Jagpal seems to have learnt from his years in the industry about the subject that Punjabi audience would want to watch in a theatre and therefore his debut project itself speaks loud about his smartness.

Watch the trailer before we say anything further:

Evident from the trailer, Rabb Da Radio is based in the rural Punjab and portrays different colors of the state.

The opening scene shows lush green fields and a typical pind with patliyan galiiyan, phulkari, viah wala ghar and much more. The picturization is pleasing to the eye where one seems to virtually touring rural Punjab (in yet another Punjabi film)!

The message seems to be that of a girl child who is unwanted in the family and off course the pressure of munda jamke de kinda mentality.

The love story of debutante Tarsem Jassar and Simi Chahal's characters brings a sigh of relief for the viewers as it guarantees that it will be a dramatic movie, besides spreading out a social message.

Mandy Takhar (last seen in Ardaas) is a seasoned actress and seems to have coloured herself in the shade of this movie well.  She looks like a rural bride and though her character resembles the Ardaas character a lot but we'll still wait to see what this film has to offer in terms of Mandy the actor. We can still hear that British accent in chachaji though!

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Lyricist/Singer turned actor Tarsem Jassar is a promising new comer and the his screen presence is impactful. The rustic storyline works well for his typical Punjabi dialogue delivery.

Simi Chahal looks like a mix of Sarvann and Bambukat. She seems to be playing an extrovert character, very much like her real self.

We're happy that the trailer didn't show any senseless slapstick comedy and is more into the storyline than just humour. Jass Grewal is the writer of Rabb Da Radio and we're hoping that he'll do justice to this movie.

We didn’t find many flaws in the movie besides this one thing that the feel seems to be inspired from Ardaas.

But yeah!

One thing we hated was Mr. Jassar's firing at the wedding function. Eh films vich vi promote krna shuru kr rhe ne baiji??

Already a lot has happened thanks to such practices in Punjab and we are shocked ke hun ehna aapdiyan filma raahi vi aahi sab promote krna. We believe that the censor board should get this scene removed from the film on immediate basis.

Artistes have to act responsible and not show scenes like this because this is what encourages people and we have already had too much of this blood game.

Wishing the team all the best..let’s see what the movie has in-store for us.

The movie is out on 31st March 2017.

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