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Did You Know That Kulraj & Neeru Were Once Into A Cold War!

By: Maddy | February 15, 2018

Remember Kulraj Randhawa's super hit TV Show Kareena Kareena??

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It was a comedy serial that aired on Zee TV from September 1, 2004 to 17 October 2005. Kulraj played the character of Kareena and what many don't know is that Neeru Bajwa was also a part of the show!


Yep..and she played the character of Lolo..Kareena's landlord.

Directed by Habib Faisal, Kareena Kareena was a show created by Nirvana Communications. Though both these Punjabi beauties were a part of this show but exchanged cold vibes and when the duo were on set together, they never saw each other eye to eye.

When asked by a local daily about the reason for this behaviour, Neeru said,"I go to my sets to work, not to get friendly with my co-stars. In my scheme of things, it's only me who exists. I don't know about anybody else."

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Kulraj gave her side of the story and said, "I don't have any issues with Neeru. I want to focus on the show and not get distracted by issues or people."

A leak from the sets even said that Neeru and Kulraj prefer to maintain their distance. It's very evident that they don't like to interact much. In fact, it's only when both are required in a shot will they look at each other.

Byjo..ehni khundak par kyon??

Neeru is known to be a no nonsense person and while talking more about this issue, stated, "I am best friends with nobody. For me it's delivering what the director requires and packing my bags and going home."

Sources even said that Neeru's entry wasn't an exact threat to Kulraj, but it was obvious that both were trying to outdo each other.

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When asked if Kulraj purposely made Neeru uncomfortable on the sets, she said, "I really have no time to make other people's lives miserable. I would rather concentrate on my work and make sure the show does well."

The Director of the show shared his frame of mind about both these actresses and confessed, "As far as I have noticed, both (Kulraj and Neeru) are doing their jobs. I haven't witnessed anything personally, but I can't say what goes on in their make-up vans."

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