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Jaggi Singh Just Poured His Heart Out To Us About Stepping Into Production

By: Prakriti | March 6, 2017

The villainous Kaptaan of Faraar who is originally named as Jaggi Singh has now stepped into the Producer's shoes with Gippy Grewal's upcoming film Manje Bistre.

(Jaggi Singh & Dilpreet Dhillon Look Hilariously Cute In This Picture!)

Jaggi Singh has been a part of many movies and trust me he is one villain worth remembering. He has been pretty experimental with his look and once told us that he wants to try new roles also but then suddenly the news of him being a producer broke to us.

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After this news broke out we got confused that why? Maybe he didn’t get appropriate roles to do?

We didn’t do any phaphekutniyan...we simply picked up the phone, called him and here's what he had to say:

He poured his heart out te sadiyan akhaan bhar aaiyan ;-p

He said, “Becoming a producer is a blessing because I belong to a middle class family with no film background in the family. So I guess I have been given this life to be a part of this industry to take on different roles and now join Gippy Grewal’s production team to make films that not only entertain but educate the viewers. I used to sit at home when I was in college and dream about this day but never knew I would actually be living through this moment. So I believe if I am given this much in my life, I have responsibility to give justice to my work."

Bus kr pgley rulaega kya!

(Did You Notice Sara Gurpal In Manje Bistre's New Poster? We Did!)

"This also doesn’t mean that I am off acting now. I still plan to act and do much more experimental roles in future. You’d soon be seeing my different looks in upcoming movies. It’s just that I am putting my foot strong in the industry because I am here to stay. Movies, film making is passion for me and I just want to do more and learn more with each passing day!"

(Tip tip barsa paani..paani ne naak bahai)

Jokes apart..we love this man's ever changing avatar and hope that his filmy journey takes him to newer heights. Have you seen him in the freshly released trailer of Manje Bistre??

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