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Don't Mess With A Punjabi In Traffic..This Foreigner Tells You Exactly Why!

By: Maddy | March 6, 2017

Never mess with a Punjabi person on the ta sareyan nu pta aa but yeah traffic de vich if you mess with them then you're in for a big gaalaan di pand on your face.

(Funny Video : TV Reporter Loses His Cool, Attacks A Boy With His Mic!)

And who else can tell you better than this gora who seems to know the true Punjabi harkatan on the road, especially of a truck driver.

Take a look at this video and get ready to listen to some Punjabi dose of vocab and that too angreji style!

The execution is so well done ke ik vaar ta sanu lgeya ke bechara hai Punjabi banda koi albinism da mareej..(Sorry we don't mean to hurt someone but the man's actually talented)

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