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Dushman Movie Review : Talent Wasted Yet Again By Bollywood Makers!

By: Gurleen | March 4, 2017

It wasn't long ago when I reviewed Priyanka Chopra's debut production Sarvann and stated that though Bollywood is in a frenzy to produce Punjabi movies but they're probably not understanding the soul of our movies. Dushman is yet another example of the same.

(Didn’t Make A Perfect Body To Get Knocked Down By A Hero : Kartar Cheema)

A few days ago we talked about a polished actor Kartar Cheema not making it to the top due to a lag and now I understand why these actors never get a chance to reach to the top. It's because teams like these leave them no chance to succeed!

Mahesh Bhatt said during a conference, “Indo-Pak relationship is a topic which ignites pain in the hearts of people for both the countries. Everyone wishes to see India, Pakistan as friendly neighbours, but a deep wound is still fresh which is bleeding till date and we haven’t been able to soothe it. This movie is our attempt to improve sentiments between the two countries."

I still can't believe that he could say such a thing about this movie that completely lacked any wound soothing kinda feel to it..mainu ta eh smjh ni arahi si ke kinik maadi film bnai aa ehna..beside the fact that this team is experienced enough and has immense talent, which has already been seen in their past projects.

“Dushman exemplifies evolution of Punjabi cinema which is experimenting with different genres. This movie is very special as it is a sincere effort to bridge the gaps between India and Pakistan. It is a first time audience will see a two hero movie each representing the two countries,” Dushman's Producer Vinay Bhardwaj said.

Questioning this statement, can someone please tell me why Pakistan and India would choose to shake hands after watching Dushman??

According to Wikipedia, Dushman is the story of (Don't miss out my comments in the that I've watched this movie)...

Naren Singh Maan (weird name for a Maan!), a young man from Chandigarh loses his entire family in a brutal terror attack (bcheya wali agg ji laake train jaldi dikhati..bad special effects) planned by Pakistani terrrorists (kithe vi eh establish nahi kita gya movie vich ke eh kisey Pakistani ne kita). Lonely and angst ridden (Hain? Aya ta bda hasda khedhda si..oh ta when he got a Pakistani roommate was when he started getting infuriated) he travels to Bangkok for a job as a waiter in a 3 star hotel (Mohali, Chandigarh te Panchkula di shooting aa saari..ruined my excitement completely), where he meets Kareem Usmaani, a Pakistani national who is hired in the same hotel as a security officer. Full of hate and anger, Naren is now forced to live with his worst enemy (Enemy? Why would you say that??) who later turns out to be his only friend, philosopher and savior, as the story unfolds. Will Naren forgive Kareem for the deeds of those who tread on evil paths? Will he hold on to his hate? Or will he choose the path of mercy and forgiveness as the bedrock on which this tale of love, hate and brotherhood is told...

Bygod kinik misguiding synopsis pai aa ehnane Wiki te..main exactly dsdi aa what the movie has to offer:

There's this guy Naren Singh Maan (Debutante Jashan Singh) who moves to Bangkok for a waiter's job and from his English accent seems to be from a good family. But pta ni kyon waiter banan lai Bangkok aagya.

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Othe he stays at Savita Bhatti's guest house where he gets an unwanted roommate and that too a Pakistani, played by Kartar Cheema.

Pehle ee din the duo get into a war of words and being a Pakistani, Kareem keeps calling Naren as Bhai Jaan and Naren stays adamant that he's not interested in intermingling with Kareem. The moment they reach their work place, 3 poles and a Sakshi Gulati stands there singing a Punjabi cabaret song in a Bangkok bar.

As the movie progresses, one feels a constant urge to move the feet towards the EXIT sign and many a times I felt my calf muscles twitch as if telling me to stand up and walk off, but je main turr pendi ta torture agge wala nai si dekhn nu milna. 

Sadly I've been to Bangkok and could easily make out that the entire film has been shot in our own cities, which made me feel even worse about the Director's vision. Beat this, ik scenech ta main picho Swaraj da tractor vi jaanda dekhya (Bangkok vich definitely Swaraj de tractor ta nahi hunde).

A song in the movie, where both these men are seen patching up portrayed a Birthday celebration at a hotel and it was probably shot to make the entire crew happy because jihne munde shoot dauraan othe firde hone oh saare us gaanech nach tap rhe si. The song was so badly shot that in one frame I could see a sardarji in peach turban dancing on the table and in the second frame he was seen sitting calmly behind the actor duo. (wahiyaaat)

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The film's story was written with a good intention but the treatment of the film was so pathetic ke ik time ta I literally held my head between my hands to look at my next seat wale jnaab and ask 'Oh yaar eh ki aa filam?' and got a reaction which meant 'tu hee dekhni si ke review krna..hun bhugto'.

Gulshan Grover plays a drug mafia who hires these gareeb guys from gareeb mulks so that he can strengthen his drug supply business. He's also into trafficking, abduction, prostitution and extortion. Ooooh achaji and jdo Kareem di sanakdi aa ta suddenly he's seen entering this Mafia's kabootarkhana and shoots him to death. Wah oe ehna saukha hunda ehnanu maarna ta ajj duniya saaf suthri na hundi? (kuj vi bkwaas yani)

Debut actor Jashan Singh has done a decent job and I'd personally want to see him doing more Punjabi films. Especially roles that are of a biba putt..he could even try a turbaned look in his next.

Kartar Cheema, a brilliant actor has lost it to a bad film. He was pretty believable as Kareem Usmani, though the high intensity crying went a little overboard. I truly hope that this actor's real skill gets recognised by the industry experts and he gets a role that suits him best.

For Sakshi Gulati, getting another Punjabi film seems tough. I wish she had donned a Punjaban look with gutt and paranda. Trust me she would have immediately signed a few projects in line...people love bharvey chehre and cute looks but her dancer character Rhea didn't have much to offer, from an audience point of view.

Savita Bhatti and Gulshan Grover were in their comfort zones though none of them was made to do anything that they've not done in their previous projects.

Yashpal Sharma, Sukhwinder Sohi and Mohit Sharma were completely wasted!

There was a complete lack of creativity in the Director's eye. Shagufta Rafique, who has already been the writer of hit Hindi films like Aashiqui 2, Raaz 3, Jannat 2 and Murder 2, failed in her debut directorial and I'm quite disappointed with that. I truly wanted this film to work as we don't have a female director in this industry. But jiven oh kehnde ne naaa..jiska kaam usi ko saajhe.

(‘I Hope The Rapport We Share Off Screen Doesn't Get Reflected On-Screen’, Says Sargun Mehta About Her Jindua Co-Actress Neeru Bajwa)

Bad, clumsy, repetitive dialogues and a whole lot of Manipuri / Nepali extras in the movie made it too fabricated.

There were just 3 things that I liked in Dushman:

1)The little boy's dialogue in the end 'Main mitti leke jaraha hun Daadi ke liye"

2)The song 'Ik Mitti' - Loved it

3)The END! (which made me even more WTFed ke yaar aa ki gal bni..maar ta aya si sareyan nu..hun kehde chache ne aake goliyan chla ditiyan!?)

Dushman Movie Rating: 0.5/5 (AVOID)

My heart aches for those actors whose career withers with such films.

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