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Gurdas Mann Just Gifted This Bollywood Actor A 500 Rupee Note!

By: Raman | February 27, 2017

Remember the dashing actor who played the bad cop in Raman Raghav and became globally famous after Masaan's release?

(Gurdas Maan Slams Critics Who Term #Punjab As Sexist & Misogynistic!)

Yeah! Vicky Kaushal is the guy and he's received a shagan da 500 Rupaiya from Gurdas Mann.

Kis gal lai??

Well..because Vicky is a north Indian and loves Punjabi music and Punjabi artists, especially Mann Sahb.

So, recently he met his childhood favourite and idol and told Mann Sahb how much he loves his songs and admired him as a legend.

Mann Sahb ne khushich munde nu 500 rupae da shagan de ditta!

Aaah Chakk ;-D

Vicky says, ''I look up to Gurdas Mann. He's my idol. He gave me a currency note once and since then I have it saved it with me in my wallet. I have so much respect for him and in my lifetime if I can even achieve 10% of what he has achieved I would be satisfied as an artist.''

(OMG! Did AR Rahman Just Tweet For Maan Sahb's Punjab?)

The duo was also seen sharing a heart warming conversation on Twitter :-)

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