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"The Comparison Has Already Started But I Don’t Have An Option" - Rubina Bajwa

By: Prakriti | February 25, 2017

Equally bubbly and vivacious, having a stark resemblance with her sister Neeru, Rubina Bajwa has just made her entry in the Punjabi industry with Sargi. Being Sargi, leading face in the multi-starrer movie Sargi, she is the girl who has all the boys in the film crazy for her, be it Jassie Gill, Babbal Rai or Karamjit Anmol.

A love square with a twist, Sargi is already playing in the theatres near you.

Rubina is young, vibrant and very positive on entering the industry. She has done her homework well and now is expecting amazing response from the audience for her debut project.

We caught up with this debutante actress and asked her a few nitty-gritties about being in Pollywood. She sounds so much like her sister so our first question to her was pretty obvious:

Are you ready for the constant comparison with your sister every now and then?

Rubina : The comparison has already started I don’t have an option but I will take it as constructive criticism. Neeru is my guiding light. I look up to her and will always do. She has made her name in the industry with a lot of hard work and I shall follow her steps. Comparison has been happening and will happen as we are in the same field now but I'll take it positively and keep moving forward and performing better.

So having a sister who is settled well in the business, it must be easy for you to enter it?

Rubina : It was easy and on the flip side it wasn’t that easy. Not like Neeru always wanted to launch me with her debut project!

I had taken acting classes from Anupam Kher’s school and worked on my skills. It was afterwards that Neeru decided that I can be a part of the project. Having a sister who is settled is a boon that there is someone who can guide you and has more contacts but on the flip side if the sister is very professional like Neeru, it is hard for you to impress her and work up to her expectations. In the entire shooting process it was just once that we sat down for dinner and she appreciated me for the scene I did that day. It really felt like I had accomplished something.

Having so many Bollywood contacts, why didn’t you try for Bollywood? Why was Pollywood the first option?

Rubina : I have friends from Bollywood not contacts! They are my friends with whom I hang out and chill and I don’t use them as a medium to enter the industry. We talk about everything other than work and that is what makes the bond even firm. Choosing Pollywood over Bollywood is what is in my blood. I am a Punjabi and I love to be a part of the Punjabi industry.

What secret tips did Neeru Bajwa give you as a sister before you entered the industry?

Rubina : She is an inspiration for me. She never told me how to act or what to do when I am facing the camera. The only advice she gave me was to be true to my work and have full dedication and passion for what I do.

What made you choose Sargi as your debut project; it seems to be a twisted tale of love?

Rubina: The entire team and the script made me say yes. Neeru Bajwa being the director of the movie, having this twisted tale as the script and such amazing co-actors. It was a complete package for me and I had to say yes. My entry couldn’t have been better.

How was it working with Babbal and Jassie ?

Rubina : Babbal and Jassie are best friends and it was amazing working with them. Absolute fun and cheerful boys who also helped me at every point where I use to feel stuck. I could easily approach them for help at any time of the day. The kind of chemistry we shared off-screen would be evident when you see us onscreen.

You love watching Punjabi movies, which is your favorite one?

Laung the Lashkara is my favorite and amongst the recent ones I love Ardaas and Jatt & Juliet .

What is that one thing that you've learnt from your sister Neeru ?

Rubina: Neeru is very professional and that is the reason she has reached the epitome of her career. She is punctual, hardworking and very dedicated to whatever she does. We have seen her working around the clock to reach the place where she is today. I am deeply inspired by her.

Audiences have high expectations from you, what expectations do you have from the audience?

The audiences have been supporting Neeru since the beginning, they have being showering their love ever since and I hope the same happens with me. If this happens I‘d be the luckiest one here. I have worked really hard for Sargi and I hope people like my work.

Here's wishing this sister duo all the best for their respective debuts!

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