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This Short Film Should Be Strictly Avoided By "Chakme" Punjabi Singers!

By: Gurleen | February 28, 2017

A new short film by Panj Teer Records, titled 'Apna Punjab?' seems to be making just the right kinda noise in the industry, especially for those who call themselves Chakme singer!

(Ranveer Singh Just Made Fun Of Sardars With This Ridiculous Video!)

This freshly released film shares the inside story of how badly the innocent rural Punjabi youth got addicted to intoxication, thanks to the Punjabi songs with provocative lyrics.

Not naming anyone in particular, 'Apna Punjab?' slaps hard but silently and those who've done this crime of spoiling the youth of Punjab will surely feel guilty of committing this sin, off-course only if they have the heart to watch it.

Do you have a heart?? Then watch it NOW:

This one has been chosen for screening at the SISFFA 2017!

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