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Sargi Review : Light Hearted Entertainer To Leave You Smiling In The End!

By: Gurleen | February 26, 2017

Rubina Bajwa has finally made her debut in the Punjabi film industry and that too opposite Jassie Gill, Babbal Rai and Karamjit Anmol.

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Not exactly a typical love triangle, Sargi is a fun war of emotions where 3 men from diverse backgrounds fancy a girl named Sargi and each one wants to win over her love with their own set of tactics.  Amreek (Karamjit Anmol) gets married to Sargi for immigration purpose and takes her along to a foreign land. Back home, she already has a guy Babbu (Jassie Gill), who loves her since they were kids.

Sargi, on reaching the other country (dunno where exactly), gets a job at a restaurant, the owner of which is an Indian man (BN Sharma) whose son Kaim (Babbal Rai) is a flamboyant person.

Now, these three men - Amreek, Babbu and Kaim fall for Sargi and her sweet ways but finally what emerges as a winner is the truest love and the one that stands undisclosed. I don't really wanna tell you cs that'll spoil the fun.

What I liked about the movie is that it didn't hit hard on my head (not that mainu smjh ni ai) but it was a light movie with an easy flow and strong connect. It wasn't boring, though at one point I did feel that the entire shoot was done at just one restaurant and not much of that country's scenic beauty was to be seen anywhere throughout the movie.

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The storyline was a little intertwined but heart warming and one could relate it to practical life. It wasn't a typical hawai kahani without any sir paer.

Jassie and Babbal outdid each other and not once did I feel that this duo hasn't been doing many movies off lately. Expressive eyes and a charming smile is Jassie's winning point and Babbal too, got into the skin of his character pretty well. Karamjit Anmol stood out as the man without whom this movie wouldn't have been this good. BN Sharma didn't have too much to do and the other actors from the industry were also given very subtle characters.

Now let's talk about the debut actress Rubina Bajwa..

She does sound like her sister and even looks a lot like her but there's a long way to go for her to be able to achieve what Neeru's achieved in this industry.

Rubina is a better actor than many pretty faces that we've seen around in Punjabi industry but she's got to get rid of her accent. A rural Punjaban doesn't have such an accent therefore, her character weakened in the movie. As Sargi, she's played a soft spoken girl but there's a serious point here which kinda made me say - Yaar eh katthe vdde hoe te ehni vi gal ni ke vyah kra gi te munde nu dsea hee ni ke she likes him, even though it was pretty obvious from his harkatan.

Chalo koina hun kujh ta story bnani hee si na!

What I didn't like in the movie:

  • Some very pro artists of our industry were given pretty much nothing to do on screen.

  • Rubina's stylist needs to work harder in terms of her costumes. The lehenga look was obnoxious!

  • The music of the film wasn't too happening, Babbal Rai's Gaddiyan track was just not required and Nimrat Khaira's voice didn't go on Rubina's face even a single percent in Jhumke. The only track worth humming was Jassie's Mere Samne.

  • Not sure whether it is so easy to get jobs and cars overseas on the second day of your arrival. Ehna saukha nhi hunda.

  • Repetitive accessories and footwear worn by Rubina throughout the film were turn offs.

  • Jhumke song to baad atleast agleyan nu roti paani ta puchlena si lols it seemed as if they were there only to dance and immediately leave.

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Overall, I felt the movie is a light hearted love chase with some comic elements and you should watch it with your family on a Sunday.

Sargi Rating : 3.5/5

Nothing exceptional in Neeru's direction but yeah nothing bad as well, which means she did a decent job :-)



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