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"Didn’t Make A Perfect Body To Get Knocked Down By A Hero" - Kartar Cheema

By: Prakriti | February 22, 2017

Sikander actor Kartar Cheema is currently promoting his upcoming movie Dushman, the presenter of which is the b-town biggie - Mahesh Bhatt.

Not new to this fraternity, Kartar is still striving to make his place in the main frame of Punjabi industry and we're wondering why an immensely talented actor like him is still waiting for his golden chance!

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Here's a review of Kartar's journey from back to forth and an insight into the reasons for his unutilized talent:

Kartar Cheema, the boy from Punjab's farming background, has one of the finest bods in the industry. After starring in movies like Yaar Annmulle, Sikander and Mitti Na Pharol Jogiya as a supporting cast, he finally got his lead role in Sikander. A movie by Jatinder Mahuar, it was a true portrayed the dirty side of student politics in Punjab University. The movie was one of a kind in the period when everyone was into making senseless comedy.

Sikander introduced us to a talent which was ready to make his upward journey but that didn't quite happen. A good actor was again lost amidst the crowd and all that Kartar gathered later was appreciations for his role in Sikander and a few promotional events.

(Confirmed News: Ninja Singing For Mahesh Bhatt's Dushman!)

He came back to the big screen with Anurag Singh's award winning film - Punjab 1984, yet again hoping that this one would surely be the turning point in his career but alas! it went completely opposite to what he had expected!

While talking to us in an exclusive interview, Kartar shared his sentiment about how adversely his life changed after he (the police officer in the film) shot Shivjeet Singh Maan (Diljit Dosanjh's character).

"People started considering me as the bad guy, even in personal life. I was hated for killing Shivjeet!," said Kartar sarcastically.

The film brought with it offers, but of nasty-villainous roles, which, in the end, were to be knocked down by the hero.

"I didn’t make such a perfect body to get knocked down by a hero," laughs Cheema about the irony of such roles.

Working hard on his body and always encouraging the youth for doing the same by avoiding unhealthy diets and supplements, Kartar has already inspired many.

His recent release was Darra (2016), a multi-starrer disappointment for the audiences. After doing plenty of music videos, Kartar's only Bollywood outing was that of the bad guy in Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya, starring the real life couple Riteish and Genelia Deshmukh.

The tall, dark, muscular and very handsome actor Kartar Cheema, again went unnoticed :-(

While talking to Shagufta Rafique, director of Dushman, one thing was confirmed that it's not just us but even her who sees a very promising artist in him. She agreed to the fact that Kartar is a powerhouse of talent but unfortunately due to hard luck or politics of the industry, or even bad choices, he's not able to get what he deserves.

After making it to this point in life and career, that too without any support, this immensely talented actor is yet again coming to the silver screen with a new hope to walk the ladder of success this time, but will his magic work?

"Mahesh Bhatt is a big name and I wish and hope that my hardwork and efforts are seen in Dushman which releases on ."

He signs off.

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