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When Punjabi Actor B.N. Sharma Ran Away From Home!

By: Jasmine Singh | May 4, 2022

One of the gems of our Punjabi industry is actor B.N. Sharma. Over the years his comedy and presence has become a staple in most films made here. However, not many know that Sharma actually ran away from home when he was younger! Also Read: Main Maa Punjab Di: A Film That Was Planned For The Hindi Industry But Made In Punjabi!

The story goes as such— like most Indian parents, B.N. Sharma’s father did not want his son to pursue a career in acting, instead, he wanted him to excel in academics and become an engineer. At first, Sharma agreed and tried his hand at his studies. But unfortunately, or fortunately (if we think about his contribution to the industry), Sharma couldn’t continue like that and fled from his home.

But where did he go? Apparently, he went to Chandigarh, where he stayed with his relatives for a while. Later, he served in the Punjab Police department in a clerical position while developing his love for theater. During his service as a constable, he completed 40-45 movies and as they say… the rest is history! Also Read: ‘Ni Main Sass Kuttni’ Announces Its Sequel!

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