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"This Movie Is A Hard Take On Punjab's Present Scenario"- Amardeep Singh Gill

By: Gurbir | August 16, 2017

The city of Bathinda in Punjab is sometimes known as an extended cousin of Rajasthan. It has an arid topography which is a trademark of the region. Majority of the people of Bathinda comprise of the hardworking farming lot. The rustic and rugged attitude of the people of this area is notoriously famous. Punjabi song ‘Bathindey waley rafflan rakhan de shaunki’ aptly describes the love of the city’s lot for rifles.

Lyricist turned director, Amardeep Singh Gill, is taking a step further and is showcasing this phenomenon in his debut film ‘Jora 10 Numbaria’. The film, as Gill describes, is inspired from real events during his time in Bathinda as a college student. The movie will revolve around the character of Jora, a young gangster from the city.

Describing further, Gill states, “I did not want to make a clichéd movie, but a raw rather a dark one.”

The movie, according to Gill, is descriptive of the current scenario of the youth of Punjab. He further adds, that the movie portrays how the youth is so drawn on following the negative elements of society, especially gangsters. It is a very commonly accepted notion that conditions force a person to adopt wrong means of life; but the protagonist of the movie ‘Jora’ became one because of his shaunk. He loves the gangster status that comes along with his name. It is often said that ‘politics is the last refuge of scoundrels.’

Adding to it Gill states, “It is not a very surprising fact that in India, a person who once remained history-sheeted becomes a politician. The central character of the movie also aspires to become the same. The movie also highlights the sweet nexus between government, police and the gangsters.”

Pollywood has a glorious history of producing cult movies starring Guggu Gill and Yograj Singh. These movies have been heavily influenced by the loud and desi Pakistani Punjabi movies. But Jora 10 Numbaria will not follow the trend.

(Jora 10 Numbaria Is Amardeep Singh Gill's First Feature Film!)

  Explaining about its unique genre Gill states, “Jora 10 Numbaria is a completely different movie. It is in no way related to its predecessor Punjabi movies. The movie is a hard take on the present scenario of Punjab and how its youth is disillusioned.”

The movie is shot in real locations, and the city of Bathinda is in itself a character. Explaining about this, Gill states, “Since I was born and raised in the city, I was well soaked in its rustic and desi structure. I brought this flavour in my movie by casting actors who are from the city and have the original Bathinda or malwai dialect.”

To add more originality, the director has chosen to include real government institutions such as the local police into the movie.

The movie is set to release in two parts, on which Gill explains. “I had written the movie in two parts while writing its script, but which is in no way related to the success of the first part. I wrote it because the story demanded so. I can also release some other movie based on a completely different genre after Jora 10 Numbaria.”

Jora 10 Numbaria is slated for release on 1st September and stars Deep Sidhu in the lead role and prominent Punjabi movie stars such as  Sardar Sohi, Hobby Dhaliwal, Yaad Grewal, Mukul Dev and Kul Sidhu, besides veteran Hindi movie superstar Dharmendra in a supporting role. Hindi and Telugu movie actor Mukesh Tiwari will also be seen performing the role of a Uttar Pradesh based gangster.

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