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The Guitarist From Punjabi Tracks 'Soch', 'Yaar Ni Milya' & More, Is Now A Singer Himself!

By: Maddy | February 12, 2018

We often hear a lot of guitar based music in Bpraak's compositions, be it Harrdy Sandhu's 'Soch', his 'Yaar Na Milya' , Bpraak's own song 'Man Bharya' or even Prabh Gill's 'Bacha'. For all those who keep wondering who the talented guitarist behind these melodious compositions is then let us tell you that he is none other than Sushant Sharma.

Sushant has been actively crooning hit guitar compositions for popular Punjabi songs and now he is all set to release his own debut track which has been titled 'Tere Bina'. It won't be wrong if we say that most of his songs have been a hit because of the beautiful guitar compositions that have been added to them. It, kind of, is the trademark for BPraak's composed music.

“I have played a lot of guitar-based superhit Punjabi numbers like ‘Soch’, ‘Yaar ni milya’, ‘Man bharya’ and ‘Bacha’. ‘Tere bina’ is my debut as a singer. I believe everyone is going to love it,” Sharma said in a statement.

Singer Jyotica Tangri has sung the new track along with him. Jyotica is a trained playback singer who has got her classical music training from Sh.Dharminder Kathak ji, Jaipur gharana.

“‘Tere bina’ is a lovely song and it’s very special to my heart. On this Valentine’s Day, I am sure all are going to love the song and will be able to relate to it in one way or the other,” Jyotica said.

“Tere bina” is a romantic single, penned by Jaani and composed by Sushant-Shankar. It has been released by Times Music.


The song showcases the story of a man and his wife, who is a simple Indian girl. The man, passionate about high society living, wishes to pursue a luxurious livelihood and therefore gets into contract marriage. He flies off to some other country, leaving behind his wife, who later finds out through a letter, that he will not return. Towards the end of the song, this guy realises his mistake and comes back to his wife, who is more than wanting to get him back in her life.


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