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Watching The Function From Her Terrace, 22 Year Old Gets Killed By Celebratory Gunfire

By: News Desk | February 12, 2018

For all those who think that 'vyah fire ton bina complete nahi hunda' have another reason to think again and this time, we suggest you leave your guns at home when you're going to attend a wedding in Punjab because who knows what that gun can do.

Rather, thesedays, seeing all that is happening in Punjabi weddings, it is rather a safer option to skip the celebrations and stay alive rather than get killed by a drunkard who has no idea who he's shooting with his ego centric, so called celebratory gunfires.

In a recent incident, a resident of Hoshiarpur died on spot when she was hit by a sudden gunfire that came from the wedding function in her neighbourhood.

Neighbour Sakshi Arora, 22, was on her terrace when a bullet hit her in the forehead, killing her on the spot.

The father of the bride, Ashok Khosla fired shots into the air on Saturday to celebrate his daughter's upcoming wedding, which hit Sakshi in the forehead.

Several people have been killed by "celebratory gunfire" at weddings in northern India in recent years.

Police have arrested Mr Khosla, the father of the bride, and say the bullet came from his revolver during the party in Punjab's Hoshiarpur.

They have also lodged a case against his friend Ashok Sethi, who allegedly fired a rifle.

"The accused were not professional shooters and they should have known it [the bullet] can hit anyone," a police spokesman said

In the recent past, similar instances have been reported wherein people have lost their precious life to some god forsaken celebratory gunfires by people who think 'ajj ta fire kadhna banda hai veere' and have ultimately landed themselves in jail for committing a murder. 

Influenced by Punjabi songs or are centred by their social egos, these people are now a threat to the society and need to be tamed before someone else loses his/her life again. 

For godsake, a wedding is an auspicious occasion where the man his lady need blessings from everyone for their future, not gunshots for sure. Please..stop before it's too late! 

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