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Sajjan Singh Rangroot Trailer Review: While Diljit Speaks Through His Eyes, Yograj Singh Roars!

By: Harloveen | February 6, 2018

Diljit Dosanjh's much talked about Punjabi film 'Sajjan Singh Rangroot' is ready for release and the film's trailer was released today on YouTube. The trailer was released on the official YouTube channel of Speed Records.

Check it out:


Sajjan Singh Rangroot stars Diljit Dosanjh, Yograj Singh, Jagjeet Sandhu, Dheeraj Kumar and Jarnail Singh in pivotal roles while Punjabi singer Sunanda Sharma will make her acting debut with this film.


Written by Gurpreet Singh Palheri, Sajjan Singh Rangroot is a film based on Sikh regiments that went to the front lines during World War 1. Sajjan Singh, a polo aficionado, was a British Indian Army officer and Maharaja of Ratlam State, ruling from 1893-1947. He served on the Western Front during WWI.


This film has been produced by Jay Sahni , Sona Sahni & Bobby Bajaj.


The trailer of Sajjan Singh Rangroot opens to a Hollywood style cinematography and shows tired and scared soldiers on an alien land, defying a territory that is against them, on their own homeland India, as said by Yograj Singh in the trailer that they need to win this war to get freedom from the British rule in India. Yograj Singh breathes in the much needed roar into the trailer and Diljit Dosanjh delivers performance, not only through his body but also his eyes. Other actors, though only a little of them could be seen, promise to be worthy of attention. Sunanda Sharma will have to prove herself in the film as the trailer didn't really get us any shade of her character in the film. A war zone, bombings, guns and killings is what was projected on screen but frankly speaking, it just didn't give us an adrenaline rush but we truly hope that the film is way more than what we expect it to be. Pankaj Batra's direction, in terms of a war film, is a first timer and we look forward to seeing the full projection. 

Yeah..this one dialogue did stay with us 'Saade dulle khoon di koi kadar vi paugi'.


The only son of Ranjit Singh, Sajjan Singh succeeded to the Ratlam throne at the age of 13, and was educated at Daly College, Indore and at Mayo College, Ajmer. He served with the Imperial Cadet Corps, Dehra Dun, and reigned under a regency until he came of age in 1898. Commissioned an honorary Captain in the British Indian Army in 1908, he was promoted to Major in 1911 and served on the Western Front during the First World War from 1914-1915. He was mentioned in despatches and promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel in 1916 and to Colonel in 1918.

Owing to his wartime service, he was raised from an 11-gun to a 13-gun salute in 1918, and was promoted to the rank of a hereditary Maharaja in 1921, also receiving a 15-gun local salute at the same time.

After the war, Singh served as regent of Rewa State from October 1918 to October 1922. He also served in the Third Anglo-Afghan War as aide-de-camp to the General Officer Commanding 1st Division on the North-West Frontier. From 1915 to 1936, Sajjan Singh served as aide-de-camp to George V and was also aide-de-camp to the Prince of Wales (later Edward VIII) when the latter toured India from 1921 to 1922; he was appointed a KCVO for this in 1922. Singh subsequently served as an honorary and extra ADC to George VI until 1947.

A polo aficionado, he served as Steward of the Indian Polo Association, and also as member of the general councils of Daly and Mayo Colleges.


Sajjan Singh Rangroot hits the theatres on 23rd March 2018.


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