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Week 4 Data : This Week's Top 5 Punjabi Channels Are...

By: Gurleen | February 3, 2018

4th Week's data for the top 5 Punjabi channels is out and this week we saw PTC Punjabi at the top followed by DD Punjabi at number two.

With a total of nearly 59 million impressions PTC Punjabi bagged the top spot while DD Punjabi was at number 2 with nearly 35 million impressions. 

Third position is with Chardikla Time TV with 34 million impressions and the fourth spot is with Pitaara TV with 32 million impressions. The last spot is with MH One Music with 25 million impressions. 

The Top 5 Punjabi programs are all by DD Punjabi, namely 'Hai Shawa', 'Mela Meliya Da', 'Vehde Sajna De', 'Chank Chank Chankaar' and 'Mundri Sajjna Di'.

Click here for the full table.

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