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Neeru Bajwa Breaks Down While Talking About Zainab Ansari, Says It Is Important To Discuss Child Abuse!

By: Prakriti | January 15, 2018

Zainab Ansari ‘s tragic death has moved many and put the world to shame .It is questioning the Pakistan Government, it is questioning us and it is questioning the mankind that how could this world be so brutal to a seven year old girl.

Zainab, who lived in the neighboring country, was on her way back home from her quran classes. This is when she was kidnapped. She went missing for five days and during this period, as per her post mortem report, she was raped..not once but many times. If that was not enough torture, the rapist sodomised her and strangled her to death. Nearly five days later, she was found in a heap of trash.

This story petrifies us about the kind of world we are living in today.

Actress Neeru Bajwa, who is also a mother of a two year old girl child, couldn't control her emotions while talking about this brutal incident.. On her social media, she posted a video in which she was seen talking about child abuse. She admitted that many of us won’t be comfortable talking about it but it is highly important that we do.

She further said that Zainab’s case has left her petrified and such cases can happen in any part of the world, not just Pakistan. She also said that it can happen to young boys too and child abuse is an act that can happen to any child irrespective of the gender. Parents need to be more frank and talk about it with their children and let them know about it. Everyone needs to be more aware and spread awareness.

Neeru broke down and with a heavy heart and teary eyes she  confessed that it is hard  to talk about child abuse but is vital to talk about it. She mentioned that the same village of Pakistan had already witnessed 6 cases like this before and because of lack of awareness and communication this happened to Zainab. Awareness could have prevented this crime from happening.

A mother could understand it better than anybody else. Glad that she spoke about it and thought of giving a wake up call to  everyone about the matter. Watch the videos here:





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