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Saggi Phull Trailer Review : Unusual Progressive Content With Unappealing Presentation

By: Prakriti | December 31, 2017

The trailer of upcoming movie Saggi Phull is out and here is what we think about the movie which would be releasing on 19th January. Here is the trailer, take a look at it before reading our take on it :

A few days ago when we had a word with the director of the movie, he promised us much more than what we just saw. The director promised us a rural Punjabi wedding, a message and much more. This trailer did show all that but didn’t take us to a high point which would take us to the theatre for this movie.

Without sugar coating or mincing my words I just have this one line for the trailer - Saggi Phull seems to be great content but made in the wrong way. The story seems to run forward from one generation to the next. Two brothers fight over property and love, they part ways and stant divided. Later this shareeki carries on to the next generation too. By the end of the trailer, they show how the mother gives the ancestral saggi phull to the daughter, as a token from her father, which is a far progressive thinking of the storywriter Miyan Bakhtawar, who is also the dialogue writer and the lyricist of the movie.

My concern for the movie remains that the content seems to be progressive but the presentation of the trailer is disappointing. The movie seems to have come out from the 90s box and even the starcast is not an audience puller. Other than that the movie isn’t well promoted. The trailer would show you scenes which aren’t aesthetically great and won’t push you to the theatres.  Evidently, the big problem in here could be the budget which couldn’t make the movie good enough to pull the audience.   

This brings us to another major concern about our industry that how good content doesn’t get right makers and hence the audience gets to watch old repetitive stuff made by big production houses with almost the same faces everytime.

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